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Welcome to the official Paradigm web site!! Here you'll find lots of cool stuff (like how to buy our cds & all about our band)! Just click on the pages index to the left. Enjoy & rock hard!

The hot new rock band Paradigm started as a concept project between Matt Hopple & Luke Dostal (brother-in-laws, by the way!) in September of 2000. Progress was slow at first, but in January of 2001 drummer, Mike Zak joined the band and the creative juices began to flow. A vocalist practiced with the band during that winter, but due to "creative differences", the foursome become three. That is, until lead guitarist, Austin Ellerman successfully auditioned with the band in the spring.

Shortly before the "America" studio sessions of August 2001, the group decided on the name Paradigm. The name infers that there is a symbol or model that society should follow (e.g. from the song "America", Hopple sings - '...treat others as you'd be treated, or get the hell of our land'). It also is meant to symbolize a particular free form, wide varying musical style the band is deeply rooted in.

The band's first album, though recorded on a shoe-string budget, received rave reviews. (All proceeds from the "America" album went to the September 11th disaster relief fund.) But the band had only begun to find its potential. Paradigm decided to splurge for a little bigger recording budget & a more focussed follow up to "America". With more defined musical, lyrical, & vocal roles Paradigm went on to create an "extended demo" album called "Casino Man" (5 songs, approx. 23').

During the recording of their sophomore effort, the group really blossomed; particularly in production techniques & instrumental arrangements. Despite changing bass players midway through studio sessions, the band pushed on and is hoping for a record contract soon.

The band has played out live at the Luna Bar & Grille in downtown Canton and received radio airplay on Rock 107 & 91.1 WRMU. Casino Man has just been released (January 2002), but radio and A&R promotion has only just begun...


Publicity photo from the Casino Man sessions.

Paradigm is:

Matt: Vocals, Bass
Luke: Guitar, Vocals
Mike: Drums
Austin: Lead Guitar

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