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Mike, Austin, Luke, & Matt (Left to Right)

Luke Dostal - Born 1977 in Canton, OH. Luke started songwriting and guitar in the fall of 1994. His first band was Lost Cause (with school-mate Isaac Garner). Although the two wrote many songs, they never recorded or played out. In college, Luke played guitar sometimes for his church and Campus Crusade for Christ. His first roommate was a drummer (they really ticked their neighbors off; before the RA wrote 'em up for being too loud!) Mr. Dostal is a true student of ALL musical genres. You could find him at a local death metal show one night and the Akron symphony the next. During his long lasting solo career, his lyrics and songs have cut to the heart and offered hope for a lost world. However, for this rising star, Paradigm has been his biggest and most successful project. Luke is Matt's brother-in-law and was best friends' with Mike's older brother Bob. He resides in the ghetto of Canton in a rented house from a slum-land-lord and works at GPD Associates.

Austin Ellerman - Austin was born in 1982 & works at GPD Associates with Luke. He is a true virtuoso guitar player. Austin too had been involved in previous projects prior to Paradigm. He is from the Green, OH area. Creativity unending, Austin inspires Paradigm to see no boundaries when it comes to composing. He has not received his due credit, not only for his studio session concentration & timeless live performance capability, but also for his recording techniques and multi-faceted musical repertoire. He dabbles in piano, bass, guitar, and percussion with ease and skill. He also engineered the tape effects for America in the non-U.S. released Floyd "Time" cover and "America II". "America II" by the way, was also a backing vocal role that Austin shined in.

Matt Hopple - Matt is nearly 30 years old & is the driving force behind Paradigm. He not only is the primary lyrical writer, but also contributes greatly to the writing process as a whole. Furthermore, in addition to a great vocal range and great stage presence, he also is the band's primary publicist and management force. He has met with radio station executives countless times and also heads up Paradigm's own independent label & album distribution warehouse facility. Matt is engaged and will be married in 2002. He is a Malone College graduate where he very, very quietly studied hard and went to bed very, very early every night to be the best model student on campus. (Ok, maybe not the best model student, but the only one who ran naked around campus with a bag over his head!)

Mike Zak - Mike graduated from high school in 2001 and is currently enrolled at Ohio State University. He is from Canton, OH. Mike, is not only a great drummer, but he rarely receives credit due to him for his guitar and trumpet playing ability. Prior to Austin joining the band, he sometimes would also play rythm guitar while Luke played lead. Though to the dissatisfaction of Matt, Mike helped co-write a version of "Break my Heart" on guitar(unreleased, but will be in a box-set album expected this summer with rare studio takes). Mike is a tremendous musician and runner as well. He once attended a Pink Floyd concert at a very young age in 1994 with Luke in Cleveland. It was then that the two probably began a bond that unknowingly at the time would one day develop into the greatest local rock band in the Canton area, Paradigm.

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